Conga Composer Training

This course is designed to help new users to Conga Composer to have the necessary understanding to start generating documents from Salesforce leveraging Conga Composer.


This course will enable:

  • Understanding of common Conga Composer use cases
  • Understanding of how the parts of Conga Composer come together to create solutions
  • A level of comfort to begin generating documents with Conga Composer


Course Content:

1. Conga Composer Overview

2. Building with Composer – Solutions

3. Pulling Data from Salesforce – Queries

4. Creating Your Document – Templates

5. Attributes and Actions – Parameters

6. Placing Solution on Page

7. Advanced Capabilities

8. Troubleshooting

9. Wrap-Up

This course also includes 6 exercises to give experience in developing a Conga Composer solution within a Salesforce Dev org. Prior to the course start, you will receive login credentials for your Salesforce Dev Org with Conga Composer installed within it. You must log into this org prior to the start of the course and set your password, etc.

Building solutions within Salesforce using Conga Composer does generally require knowledge of both Salesforce and Conga Composer. This course will deliver the knowledge required for Conga Composer.


The most successful people already have existing knowledge of Salesforce:


  • Are very comfortable navigating Salesforce including App and Setup navigation
  • Have a good knowledge of their Salesforce data model (fields, objects and the relationship between the objects)
  • Know how to make configuration changes within Salesforce (page layout changes, adding fields, values, etc.)
  • Have experience working with business partners on Salesforce improvements



Some important things to note:


  • This course is taught using Salesforce Lightning Experience. All materials and instructions are based upon Lighning Experience.
  • This course does not cover installation and initial configuration of Conga Composer in your Salesforce Org. For installation and setup instructions go to
  • This is a training course on Conga Composer NOT consulting to build a specific solution for one company. The materials are designed to provide solid working knowledge of Conga Composer. However, we will not focus on developing a Conga solution for a specific attendee or answering company-specific questions.


Course Length: 4 – 5 Hours

Course Cost $899 per participant

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