Too frequently results fall short of expectations or the next technology solution fails to meet the business' needs.  This frequently happens when the technology becomes the goal.  Solid results start with an understanding of the business needs and then employing technology to meet those needs.

The goals for many include:

  • Increasing revenue through faster ramping of sales personnel, better conversion rates, improved lifetime value, etc.
  • Reducing costs by better or faster implementation or servicing, reduced waste, etc.
  • Improved customer experience with greater clarity into your offerings and performance, as well as, better understanding of your customers issues and concerns.

Salesforce has tremendous capabilities to support these goals.  Many available resources understand the technology but not the goals of the organization and implement solutions that aren't aligned with the business goals.  We have the focus and the capabilities to deliver solid solutions that enable you to better meet those critical business goals.


Functional Expertise

More than consultants, we have deep leadership experience in Lead Generation, Sales, Implementation, Operations, Support and Technology

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Program Delivery

Change requires a good plan that is well executed.  We will work with your team to develop the right plan for your organization then implement it.

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Data & Analytics

We understand the information it takes to run your business well and the technology needed to transform data into actionable information.

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Salesforce Platform

We bring a practical understanding of the Salesforce platform and help guide decisions and efforts to maximize the impact while minimizing the investment.

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